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Was installed in my kitchen 3 years ago by a professional from Carpet Factory Outlet in Cheektowaga NY. It is not grouted so a sealant was applied between tiles.

The sealant is starting to pull apart. Therefore dirt is trapped between tiles and looks very dirty. Also, the floor chips very easily. For what I paid I could have purchased hard wood flooring.

I have ceramic tile that is 26 years old in my foyer and it's beautiful. I have pergo flooring in my dining and it's 12 years old and it's beautiful. I have hardwood in my den and it's beautiful.

I wish I could post pictures so you could see for yourself.

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Hun, I would look to see if you had a contract or something when you purchased the floor to be installed. For a fact tile floor needs to be grouted cermac or otherwise it is what keeps the tiles from moving.

As for using sealent to grout it big mistake floors and counters that are pourous need to be resealed during regular intervals to insure water damage does not occur especially if its a pourus tile. You may need to pay to have the floor redone. Best bet call a certified professional to take a look. You may be able to reuse the tile if there not damage to it.

So hun cross your fingers and call a professional contracter and see what can be done. Because if the floor stays like it is it will cost you much more in the long run with possible water damage. Hope everything goes well. P.S.

do research on who you hire ask to see work they have done before dont be afraid to do homework on people. It will save you in the end......

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